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The Different Types of Golf Club

The golf club is the main tool used for playing the game of golf. There are a lot of different types and it is important to understand them so that you can choose the right one for you.

There are many things to consider when choosing a club, such as the loft, shaft length and the grip. These factors all contribute to your performance on the course.


The driver is a long-shafted club used for hitting shots from the tee. It has the longest shaft and largest head (outside of the putter) of all golf clubs in charlotte, making it ideal for long, straight shots from the tee.

Most drivers are designed to produce a high ball flight, which is achieved by maximizing COR and aerodynamics. They also attempt to minimize spin, which further increases distance.

Today’s top-of-the-line drivers are made with titanium or composite heads and feather-light graphite shafts. They are also offered in different flexes, which affect swing weight, feel and trajectory.


Woods are clubs with longer shafts and larger, rounder clubheads that are used to hit the ball farther than irons. Drivers (also called the 1-wood) are usually the only woods a golfer hits from the tee, while 3- and 5-woods are often used from fairways or when avoiding trouble such as a hazard.

Modern woods are made of metal. This change from wooden clubs began a few decades ago, as metal has many advantages over woods for several reasons, including perimeter weighting and low center of gravity.

The LS on this club stands for “Low Spin”, and we were really impressed with how this club performed off the tee. It also has adjustable weights which help to fine-tune how you feel with the club.


Golf irons are clubs that are used to get the ball into the hole from a variety of locations. They also help golfers hit their tee shot better.

There are several different types of irons, but they generally fall into two main categories: blades and muscle backs. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to learn about the different options.

Usually, players choose irons based on distance and trajectory. For instance, if they want to hit the ball high (to get over a tree or make it land soft on the green), they will use irons that are higher in loft.

Similarly, if they want to hit the ball lower (to avoid the wind), they will use irons that are low in loft. Ultimately, knowing which iron to use for a particular situation is a function of the player’s skill and their confidence in their own ability.


Wedges are high-lofted clubs designed to be used around the green for short chip and pitch shots. They differ from irons in that their specific loft and bounce angles can be customized by the manufacturer to meet the needs of a player.

Generally speaking, there are four major classes of wedges. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The sand wedge is a specialized design intended to help players play the ball from soft lies, such as sand bunkers. It has a high angle of bounce (more than 16 degrees) to lessen the digging effect of the swing.


A putter is the club you use to make short, low-speed strokes that will roll a golf ball into the hole from a short distance. It is differentiated from the other clubs (typically, irons and woods) by a flat, low-profile, low-loft striking face and other features only allowed on putters such as a non-circular grip, bent shaft and/or positional guides.

Putter length is one of the most critical design factors because it determines your swing arc. A putter with the proper length creates a proper lie angle which will ensure that the ball strikes the centre of the putter face at impact, producing a solid strike and forward spin.


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