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Can You Take a Pram To a Golf Course?

Golf is one of the most popular sports enjoyed worldwide, without any restriction on age group. People love playing golf as it allows them to socialize with friends and colleagues while gaining health benefits. However, people with young children often find themselves in a hard spot when it comes to bringing their child to the golf course. They remain skeptical about whether to bring a stroller or pram to the golf course. 

We are going to explore if it’s a good option to take the pram to the golf course or if you should avoid it. Let’s find out. 

Can You Take A Pram To The Golf Course?

The answer varies to this question as it totally depends on the golf course’s rules and regulations. Most of the golf courses do not allow bringing a pram or stroller as it could hamper the play of other golfers. A general rule in most golf courses is not to bring children less than 7 years old to prevent any mishap; thus, no prams are allowed as well.

However, there might be some golf courses providing relaxation to parents of newborns to bring their child in a stroller to the course so they never miss out on the game. In such scenarios, it is important to consider a few factors. 

Factors To Be Considered While Bringing Pram To The Golf Course

1: Type of pram

As golf courses are typically quite large and have varying terrain, they might want you to bring a specific kind of pram to the course. They usually allow lightweight prams to have more storage space to carry your golf clubs as well. You can also check out prams with detachable storage bags that you can easily carry to the course without worrying about moving prams during a game. 

2: Etiquette of using a pram 

While navigating the golf course with a pram, you need to be mindful of other golf players. Give them plenty of space to enjoy their game, and do not bring your baby near the course. Also, try to keep your baby calm so it does not make the environment uncomfortable for others. It is best not to park prams near areas where cups are located, to prevent any injury to your child. 

3: Areas allowed

Some golf courses allow you to bring a baby stroller or prams, but they restrict certain areas. It depends on the golf course’s layout, as pushing prams could damage the terrain or disrupt local wildlife. The good part is that some golf courses provide special zones for children, where you can park your baby’s pram and enjoy the game while your baby remains safe. 

The Bottom Line

Taking a pram to a golf course solely depends on the rules and regulations set by the specific course you plan to play at. If you are allowed to bring a pram, it is imperative to follow etiquette and ensure that it does not disrupt the play of other golfers. While being considerate of these factors, it is possible to safely bring a pram onto a golf course and introduce your little one to the fascinating world of golf. 

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